REVIEW: Natural Rich Soo Essence Sheet Mask (Charcoal)

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I finally had the guts to post this on my blog after an exhausting week. Phew! Though this was my first time using a sheet mask, I was a bit scared and excited at the same time. This is a Korean sheet mask I've won from Ate Celline's blog.

DESCRIPTION: Natural rich soo essence sheet mask Coenzyme Q10 is a new essence mask which specially formulates cosmetics to penerate highly concentrated active ingredients into the skin while keeping air out of the skin completely thus, it makes your tired skin moistened, elastic, clear and relieves your skin from stress. Please use 3~4 times per week.

Purified Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Ginkgo biloba extract, mulberry root extract, Algae Extract, Xanthan Gum, Allantoin, Hyaluronic Acid, Betaine, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate,PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Disodium EDTA, , Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, perfume, Ubiquinone
1. Skin Elasticity
- Coenzyme Q10 and collagen as the skin elasticity ingrediets help your skin healthy with firmness and maintain skin elasticity.
2. Skin Vitality
- Vitamin E derivatives, licorice extract ingredients give vitality to the skin weakened by various hazardous materials and stress.
3. Moisturizing the skin
- Given a powerful moisturizing effect on the skin with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid containing moisturizes skin healthy and moist.
4. Ubiquinone
- Gives vitality to skin cells, stimulates biosynthesis of elastin and collagen to maintain skin firming, gives vitality to skin by maintaining relationship between cells and secretion of various components.

1. Trim your skin with skin toner after cleansing
2. Take out mask sheet straighten the folded face mask and attach it to the face by pressing lightly with your fingers
3. After 15 to 20 minutes, remove mask sheet from your face
4. Pat remaining essence on your face to get deeply absorbed into the skin

My pack comes in charcoal and had my first thought that it will come in odd black sheet, but it isn't. Good thing this sheet is for any skin type but most especially those with dry skin.

Brand/Name were the only thing translated in English. So how am I suppose to understand everything?

SIZE: 23g for Php79.50

SMELL: Indescribable, which I don't actually like. -_- It made me feel dizzy.

Though the mask does made me feel dizzy, I still managed to use it and sit on my face for about 15 minutes or so.

Don't be scared fellas, it's just me! :D

I wouldn't recommend this facial mask not because it isn't worth it but because of its strong scent. So I guess that's it! Toodles! <3

August Haul!

Happy Sunday lovies! Sorry for being MIA lately, I mean, by the mid of August. So busy with some project to be presented on November which made me not to blog (even on my food blog :/ and I felt so ever guilty.) -_- Plus, I broke my mom's palette from Ever Bilena and yes, that consists of my daily make up needs so far. Huhu.

By the way, I wanna share you guys what I've got from bloggers, relatives and giveaways this month of August. (Received right after I broke Mom's cosmetics. I'm saved by the bell!)

(Photo below) So let's begin with the bases. I've got these iWhite Korea Facial Cream from Ichi of http://chixylove.blogspot.com/. Two (2) tubes of the product plus three (3) sachets.

A tube of Colour Collection BB Cream from Sample Room (bought with 101 points plus Php130 SF).

A tube of Revlon ColorStay Mineral Mousse in light medium shade (040) from my Tatay's (Dad) aunt from LA.

Got these face essence/serum and face mask from winning on Marinda Leigh's blog giveaway. A Pure smile mask in Chocolate, Jill Stuart day care essence samples, which I received last Wednesday all the way from West Australia.

For the eyes, here's a five pairs Diamond Lash - Girly eyes, Love Liner - Eyeliner and Mascara (black), Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, still from Marinda Leigh, a Primark 4 color eyeshadow palette and a Sonya® Blush in Brick from my Aunt.

For the lips, here's an Ever Bilena Matte lipstick in Sienna I bought at Watsons, a Revlon Matte Lipstick-In the Red (007) from my aunt, Hello Kitty Lip Treatment from Marinda and an Avon Glimmerstick lip liner in Brick Red from a friend.

A tube of JILL STUART Floral Hand Cream from Marinda Leigh.

And lastly, three (3) used nail polish from my aunt.

I haven't tried everything but I've heard a lot of good reviews about Revlon lipstick and face mousse, the eyelash curler and the hand cream.

Thanks everyone for giving me this awesome stuff and I'm hoping that there'll be a whole lot more this month. :) Hehe. Enjoy your weekend guys! Muah!

REVIEW: iWhite Korea Whitening Pack

I first read about iWhite whiteheads/blackheads remover on Ate Ile's blog and realized that it isn't time to retard. I have visited my Mom's derma once (that was 5 years ago) and it hurts using that blackhead tool on my nose, which made me burst into tears (made me not to visit her again). I then bought a sachet since it's available at ZaZa and other stores like Watson's for a very cheap price. A sachet (3.5g) will cost you Php18 or USD0.44. (First posted here: iWhite Korea Nose Pack) And I've used their moisturizing cream too.

And so I'm now confident enough about this brand. No doubt.

DESCRIPTION: (from iWhite Korea FB Page)
Removes deep-seated dirt, dead skin, and other impurities to reveal a radiant, glowing, and younger-looking skin. It also has Mulberry Extract that lightens and evens out skin discolorations, Panax Ginseng Root Extract that revitalizes and improves skin health, and Vitamins A,C, E, and B5 to prevent premature aging.

Active Ingredients: iWhite Whitening Pack is composed of Mulberry extract which was full of nutrients for dull and tired skin including: organic acids, vitamins, carotenoids, flavonoids, and pectins. They hydrate skin and protect from UV damage. Mulberries extract is safe and beneficial for eye care too, as it helps to lighten dark circles and has been found to lighten age spots and uneven skin tone [source]. Aloe vera extract which moisturizes the skin and Panax Ginseng extract that promotes skin cell regeneration by increasing oxygenation to skin cells.

Sizes: The product comes in a squeeze tube of 95g (P199)  or 8g (P22) sachet. Too affordable not to give a try. *wink*

Smell: I really can't describe how it smells but their nose pack, moisturizing cream, and this whitening pack have the same scent. Awesome! I wonder if their other product smells that way too.

Texture: Very sticky! Like uhm, glue? It's a bit messy when applied so I recommend to tie your hair first before taking any actions.

It took me 20 minutes before it dries up completely. But it actually depends on how thick or thin your application is. 

iWhite Korea products work perfectly fine on me and doesn't caused me any trouble, I have a very sensitive skin, mind you. What I love about this pack is, it really relieves stress as it cools and soothes my face while drying even it hurts more when peeling it off. At least we know that pain is inevitable. And I noticed that it whitened my face in just a blink, well I mean, 20 minutes span of time. :) See how fast was that!

I find their sachet pack more handy dandy if they originally come with a plastic container and spatula like this. :) Hehe. Just my side. :P

Facebook Page: iWhite Korea

*All photos were taken without flash on auto settings.

REVIEW: Stiefel Physiogel Hypoallergenic Cleanser

Cleanse, tone and moisturize. Thanks to Miss K of callmekristine! Because of her blog, I'd be able to know such regimens for a healthy, glowing skin you can wear without a doubt. But to achieve that stunning beauty, one must consider the facial care products she's using. It should remove make-up, dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other types of pollutants from the skin of the face. This helps to unclog pores and prevent skin conditions such as acne. (source) And the most important thing is it should be mild, gentle and hypoallergenic.

And I guess it's the right time to introduce my featured cleanser+moisturizer product to be reviewed tonight. Drum rolls please. :)

DESCRIPTION: (from http://www.stiefel.ph/)
Physiogel™ Cleanser is a hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic soap free cleanser that cleanses, soothes and softens without drying the skin, while maintaining its natural pH balance. It is a non-greasy formula that does not contain animals fats, providing a gentle cleanser that is suitable for all skin types. It is so mild that it can be used for sensitive skin and even on babies.

The Broke Reviewer's Mid-July Haul

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Nothing can compare with winning on online giveaways! Why? Because you don't have to spend even a single coin at all! And to show you guys the items I've got this mid of July, let's start with Ate Celline of Product Arena by Celline08's prizes. ^_^

For being an active member and commenter last month, she got me this awesome set.

(2) SOO Essence Sheet Masks, (2) Tuning Essence Mask Sheets, Original Carmex Lip Balm, Pore Minimizing Solution, Physiogel Sample Kit (Soap, 1 lotion, 2 cleansers), (1) tube and (5) sachets of iWhite Korea Whitening Pack, (1) plastic container and a spatula.

It'll be my first time to use a sheet mask so please pray for me, not to overact on them for excitement.

This next set was from Sis Jen of http://so-pretty.info/.

Awesome accessories right? :)

I am more than thankful cause I found generous people here on blogosphere, I feel blessed. And if you want to win awesome products too, join bloggers giveaways located on the sidebar of this blog. Happy joining everyone!

Chrome Azzaro Perfume for Men

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Everyone wants to look at their best and smell at their best most importantly. Perfumes have been acting as a tacky glue for chicks for male and its scent really counts for pogi points. So for this post, I'm going to have my verdict about this sample I got from Sample Room last week for free.

DESCRIPTION: (from Sample Room)
An invigoratingly fresh, soothing and sleek fragrance that will break with your daily routine. A gentle and up-to-date freshness (citrus notes, white musks, green and aquatic notes) associated with the comfort of woody tea notes (sandalwood, amber, precious wood, maté)

(from http://www.azzaroparis.com/)
Symbolizing energy and action, the hesperidean harmony sparkles with liveliness. A revitalizing harmony of citron, bitter orange, mandarin and grapefruit, blended with essence of bergamot, brings a tonic top note like a fresh breeze.

A wave of freedom fires the heart of Chrome Sport. As if setting off across the ocean, the fluidity of its green, aquatic notes reveals its adventurous spirit. Ginger gives the creation a spicy, fresh and sexy touch that stirs the senses.


REVIEW: Real Detergent Powder with Oxy-Brighteners and Nano-Silver Protech

Natural soap, natural facial wash, natural cleansers, we've been invaded by several promising natural products nowadays. And not just body products, mind you. Detergent soaps and powder count too!

So I'd like to introduce, the detergent we're using for decades now (not really, just exaggerating things), REAL Detergent Powder with Oxi-Brighteners and Nano-silver protech plus Colorcare benefits.


My Sample Room Loot #1

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TRY BEFORE YOU BUY- An excellent way to let buyers experience the product first before buying! Just like food stalls do with the sampling, FREE TASTE! Genius!

Sample Room is a sampling site that banks on the power of free product sampling. It is an online community that changes your beauty-shopping pattern; and an interactive community where your opinions matter and where all beauty lovers are valued. (from the website itself)

This site's being on trend a quite now. And I don't wanna be the one who's late on track left in the rubble. Of course I gave it a try. Good thing I had a few bucks on my paypal for the shipping fee.

All came in a simple paper bag with their logo in front and a sticker at the back. I wonder why my package doesn't have any invoice while others have that included inside. Hmmm. By the way, it doesn't really matter anyways, we all just pay for the same shipping fees.


REVIEW: Alloria Hand and Body Lotion

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Lately, I've been developing my interest in cosmetics and related products, and it's a pretty good new start! I've got some samples from a friend's blog and Sample Room so I have something to write about. :)

With my new handy thought-keeper, I scribe details and information regarding the product on-hand. Perhaps I can show you that in my other post. :)

DESCRIPTION (from the package itself)
"Brings Life to Your Skin - With a Glow of Health, Beauty and Youth"
A healthy skin is a skin you love to see and touch - clear, smooth, light soft and younger-looking.

A New Blog; A New Chapter

"Life always comes in chapters."

I'm passionate about learning new things whenever I got an opportunity. So in this new journey of my existence, I'd like to come out of my shell and try new stuffs afar from baking, cooking, eating and kitchen regimens. And since I've been eyeing on beauty files and glutted health care products nowadays, why not write some notions which can be worth reading for my visitors, right?

I'll be sharing everything to you guys with all my might and hopefully, in some sort, this becomes a stepping stone on knowing myself more, self-improvement and figuring out who I really am.

So that's it! This girl sucks on introductions so please bear with me. Happy Weekend everyone! ^_^