A New Blog; A New Chapter

"Life always comes in chapters."

I'm passionate about learning new things whenever I got an opportunity. So in this new journey of my existence, I'd like to come out of my shell and try new stuffs afar from baking, cooking, eating and kitchen regimens. And since I've been eyeing on beauty files and glutted health care products nowadays, why not write some notions which can be worth reading for my visitors, right?

I'll be sharing everything to you guys with all my might and hopefully, in some sort, this becomes a stepping stone on knowing myself more, self-improvement and figuring out who I really am.

So that's it! This girl sucks on introductions so please bear with me. Happy Weekend everyone! ^_^


  1. yey yey yey! You now have a beauty blog! And I love the layout! following! :)

    1. thanks Ate! you really are so sweet <3 :D