REVIEW: Alloria Hand and Body Lotion

Lately, I've been developing my interest in cosmetics and related products, and it's a pretty good new start! I've got some samples from a friend's blog and Sample Room so I have something to write about. :)

With my new handy thought-keeper, I scribe details and information regarding the product on-hand. Perhaps I can show you that in my other post. :)

DESCRIPTION (from the package itself)
"Brings Life to Your Skin - With a Glow of Health, Beauty and Youth"
A healthy skin is a skin you love to see and touch - clear, smooth, light soft and younger-looking.

Alloria lotion helps to give you a:
YOUNGER-LOOKING SKIN - it has anti-aging and anti-wrinkle elements: Vitamin E plus Ionic minerals and trace minerals your skin badly needs to regenerate its cells and to maintain its health.
LIGHTER, CLEARER SKIN - contains Songyi Mushroom extract known for its natural whitening effect.
SOFTER SKIN - it has the double benefit of Aloe Vera and Panthenol, a non-toxic form of Vitamin B, that penetrates into the layers beneath the surface of your skin to add moisture and prevent dryness and other skin irritations.

It claims that it'll work for normal skin type, which points out to those younger people with not too dry and not too oily skin. Yet it works well on me, having a combination of oily and normal skin.

Smell: Since it doesn't contains harsh chemicals, the product itself has a not so strong aloe vera or nature scent, more like of a shampoo.

Size and Price: It comes in 120ml tube for Php270.

Texture: Alloria Hand and Body Lotion has a thick consistency which takes a while for the skin to fully absorb it.

My family's been a loyal user of HCI products such as Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) cause it really is a very powerful supplement. And as CMD's sister product, I have to try it myself. So I've been using it for a month now and I'm happy that it really moisturize my skin, most probably on hot weather and it does makes my skin soft and supple.

It should have come in different sizes with different flavors/scents. And even a little SPF will help. :)

After few minutes of application.

I barely uses this on my body but applied on my hands more often.

Website: HCI Philippines

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  1. Mushroom as ingredients.. hmm.. kinda like the famous kojie san. it's also has some sort of fungi as a main ingredient.