Chrome Azzaro Perfume for Men

Everyone wants to look at their best and smell at their best most importantly. Perfumes have been acting as a tacky glue for chicks for male and its scent really counts for pogi points. So for this post, I'm going to have my verdict about this sample I got from Sample Room last week for free.

DESCRIPTION: (from Sample Room)
An invigoratingly fresh, soothing and sleek fragrance that will break with your daily routine. A gentle and up-to-date freshness (citrus notes, white musks, green and aquatic notes) associated with the comfort of woody tea notes (sandalwood, amber, precious wood, maté)

(from http://www.azzaroparis.com/)
Symbolizing energy and action, the hesperidean harmony sparkles with liveliness. A revitalizing harmony of citron, bitter orange, mandarin and grapefruit, blended with essence of bergamot, brings a tonic top note like a fresh breeze.

A wave of freedom fires the heart of Chrome Sport. As if setting off across the ocean, the fluidity of its green, aquatic notes reveals its adventurous spirit. Ginger gives the creation a spicy, fresh and sexy touch that stirs the senses.

It comes in a cute tiny Azzaro miniature glass bottle with a metal cap as lid. It has to be pulled off with force to remove the cap and this way, it refrain the product from leaking. This one is a guy's must have I'm telling you. Your spouse will love you to bits just like Mom does to my Dad. :)

Lasting Power: I used it myself to test how long will it really last. Impressively, it took 6 (six) hours before the scent faded. Pretty fascinating, isn't it?

Scent: Strong when applied but changes to fresh scent afterwards. So masculine and perfect for indoor activities like meetings and parties.

My Sample Room review:
I got this for my dad. The sample bottle really looks like a miniature and it's super cute which made my brother felt envious a bit. Dad really loves the scent cause it's clean and no overpowering. Mom added that it's so fresh and that's how Dad smells like when they first met, it really drove Mom back to the past.

Price: Full Size
100ml = PHP 2,720
200ml = PHP 3,920

*All photos were taken without flash on auto settings.

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