The Broke Reviewer's Mid-July Haul

Nothing can compare with winning on online giveaways! Why? Because you don't have to spend even a single coin at all! And to show you guys the items I've got this mid of July, let's start with Ate Celline of Product Arena by Celline08's prizes. ^_^

For being an active member and commenter last month, she got me this awesome set.

(2) SOO Essence Sheet Masks, (2) Tuning Essence Mask Sheets, Original Carmex Lip Balm, Pore Minimizing Solution, Physiogel Sample Kit (Soap, 1 lotion, 2 cleansers), (1) tube and (5) sachets of iWhite Korea Whitening Pack, (1) plastic container and a spatula.

It'll be my first time to use a sheet mask so please pray for me, not to overact on them for excitement.

This next set was from Sis Jen of http://so-pretty.info/.

Awesome accessories right? :)

I am more than thankful cause I found generous people here on blogosphere, I feel blessed. And if you want to win awesome products too, join bloggers giveaways located on the sidebar of this blog. Happy joining everyone!

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  1. Wow, this is awesome! I think it's a great idea to reward active commenters and blog regulars. (I actually might steal that idea and do it on my blog too, ahaha) ^__^ Thanks for sharing! The masks look awesome. <3

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